College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture

Dr. Krista M. Hill - My Gender Transition Statement

I am a member of the University of Hartford, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Early in the Fall 2012 semester I came out in my new gender role, as female. My preferred name is Krista Hill and I prefer the use of female pronouns including she and her. The process of taking on the role of one's preferred gender in society is called social transition. My new presentation marks the start of my year-long real-life experience (RLE), which tests my resolve and ability to function in my preferred gender.

It is my joy to be a professor in CETA, and I will continue serving in that capacity, to the best of my ability. While I did not deal out the cards, self acceptance is my choice, and now I am getting on with my life, and I can be myself. Please treat me with the same respect appropriate for any member of our community, using my preferred name and pronouns. As with other name changes, it is respectful and constructive to learn to use someone's new name. Nobody is being asked to change their beliefs as this is a matter of civility. Please, if you aren't sure how to address someone, it is most respectful to politely ask for their preference.

So far, most reactions to my news is remarkable in its compassion and understanding. I have support in my transition at all levels of the administration, from the president and provost, to my dean, associate dean, and department chair, as well as from colleagues. As a professor I am most humbled that I have the honor to serve my calling. I believe that my coming out is a celebration of diversity in life for all of us, in that all of us have the right to be ourselves. The University of Hartford is a wonderful place in which I fully place my trust. To find out more about the transgender community and how to get involved, please consider the following references.


Krista Hill, 8/30/2012

Transgender References: